Torah Club Commentary Sets

  • This is “Torah 101” for everyone!

    Get started with the ancient scroll of the Torah! This weekly Bible study introduces both new believers and seasoned Christians to the Torah of Moses and the Jewish roots of Christianity with practical applications for godly living. Study through the entire Torah, week by week, in one year.  

    Case-Bound, 6-Book Set, 1,148 Pages
  • Discover Yeshua in the Torah!

    Shadows of the Messiah presents an eye-opening, year-long discovery of Messiah. Learn to see the Messiah on every page of Torah! This study uncovers Yeshua hidden in the books of Moses, establishing him as the predicted Messiah, savior of Israel, and hope of all mankind. 

    Case-Bound, 6-Book Set, 1,510 Pages
  • Understand the laws of Torah

    Depths of the Torah takes students deep into the stories and laws of the Torah, examining each of the 613 commandments through the eyes of the sages, the Messiah, the Prophets, the Gospels, and Paul's writings, revealing the kingdom of heaven in a profound way. 

    Case-Bound, 6-Book Set, 2,242 Pages
  • The vision of Israel's prophets

    Get a head start on the end times by studying the weekly haftarah portions. Voice of the Prophets restores an authentic Jewish eschatology with prophecies about the centrality of Israel and Messiah in the kingdom and the end times. Dive deep into the world of ancient Israel, kings and prophets. 

    Case-Bound, 6-Book Set, 1,755 Pages
  • The greatest Jewish story ever told!

    Chronicles of the Messiah opens the world of the Gospels and returns it to its original context within Judaism and the Jewish people of Jesus' day. This year-long Bible study provides a complete Messianic commentary on the Gospels, explaining the teachings of Jesus in their Jewish context.  

    Case-Bound, 6-Book Set, 2,148 Pages
  • The epic story of the early believers

    Chronicles of the Apostles takes you on a year-long study of the book of Acts with Messianic commentary and Jewish insights into the Epistles and the whole New Testament. Follow the lives and adventures of the apostles beyond the book of Acts and into the lost chapter of church history. 

    Case-Bound, 6-Book Set, 2,040 Pages