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A collection of essays on the weekly Torah Portions, from Genesis to Deuteronomy, adapted from Torah Club.

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Preserving the Remnant

Paul saw the Jewish estrangement from Messiah as a necessary part of a divinely ordained plan whereby God extended salvation to the entire world. In this regard, the Jewish estrangement from Messiah closely mirrors the events in Joseph’s story. Paul insisted that even the nation’s stumbling plays a part of God’s plan.

What Pharaoh Heard

Joseph never told the Egyptians about the incident with his brothers because it was none of their business. By maintaining discretion, he was protecting the name and reputation of God in Egypt. Instead of emulating Joseph, who was concerned about protecting the dignity of his loved ones, it seems we do just the opposite.

The Revelation of Joseph

"When Joseph declared, "I am Joseph," the masterful plan of God became clear… All that had happened over the last twenty-two years fell into perspective. So, too, will it be in the time to come when God will reveal Himself and announce, "I am the LORD." The veil will be lifted from our eyes…" (Chofetz Chaim)

The Revelation: I Am Joseph

In that moment, the whole picture snapped into focus. They recognized God's plan at work over the last twenty-two years. They saw how everything had been orchestrated for their own redemption. Joseph was not dead, he was alive.

Man of Sorrows

Joseph’s weeping provides us with a glimpse into Yeshua’s heart. Although the sufferings He endured on the cross are complete, He still suffers the pain of separation from His people. Through the ages He waits. In the same way that Israel waits for Messiah, longing for Him every day, so too He waits for Israel, unrecognized and unrequited, longing for His people:

Jacob's Hardships

It was inappropriate for Jacob to complain about his life. In reality, he had received great blessings. He did not know how many years he had left to live. For all he knew, he might have yet outlived his forefathers.