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A collection of essays on the weekly Torah Portions, from Genesis to Deuteronomy, adapted from Torah Club.

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Building the Temple

The prophets predict that, in the Messianic Era, the Temple will be restored as the house of God in Jerusalem, and it will be the center of the nations. But who will actually build the Temple?

The 'Church' at Mount Sinai

The descent of Moses at the end of the previous Torah portion alludes to the second coming of the Messiah. Just as Moses assembled Israel at the time of his appearing, when Messiah comes again, He will gather together the assembly of Israel from the four corners of the world.

The Glory and the Tabernacle

The cloud of glory settled onto the tent of meeting and the glory of the Most High filled the Sanctuary. Moses tried to enter, but he found he could not bear the weight of the glory. God had come to dwell with His people; the Tabernacle was a success.

Torah with an Occupation

When the people of God join together with a common goal, we can do great things. The joint effort of the people of God working together to fulfill His commandments created a spiritual house worthy of God's Dwelling Presence. And...

The Lost Ark

Where is the ark of the covenant? One tradition has it that the ark was hidden in a secret cellar below the chamber of the woodshed where wood for the altar fires were kept. There it remained hidden through the Babylonian destruction, but its location was forgotten. Talmudic lore contains several traditions about the ark.