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A collection of essays on the weekly Torah Portions, from Genesis to Deuteronomy, adapted from Torah Club.

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Study to Learn — Learn to Do!

This approach to Torah may seem obvious. It isn't. Sometimes we study the Bible simply for the sake of learning the Scriptures, but we never get around to doing what the Bible tells us to do.

Shalom in the Land

Anyone who follows the news from the Middle East knows that the modern State of Israel does not currently enjoy a complete peace. Since the formation of the Jewish state, now 72 years ago, the tiny nation of Israel has been sorely vexed by enemies both outside and inside her borders.

The Curse of the Torah

The ultimate curse of the law is death—not mortal death—but eternal separation from God. According to Paul, the curse of the Torah brings condemnation in the eternal court of judgment. The Messiah took upon Himself the curse of condemnation and death, and He redeems us from that condemnation.