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A collection of essays on the weekly Torah Portions, from Genesis to Deuteronomy, adapted from Torah Club.

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House of the Father

The census in the wilderness illustrates the family structure and relationship of the nation of Israel. All the children of Israel were one large family. The hierarchical family relationships reveal the Bible's patriarchal worldview.

The World Was Created for Me

Each person is as valuable as Adam, the first man. Though Adam was only a single human being, he held within him the potential of all humanity. So, too, each person shares that same potential.

Journey through the Wilderness

The journey from Egypt to the Promised Land is an apt metaphor for the spiritual journey through life. Between here and there we face tests, trials and all manner of adventures. We may face warfare, temptations, discontentment and agonizing hardships. As with the Israelites in the wilderness, our success or failure is determined by our reactions to these trials.

The Hosts Above and the Hosts Below

If that which is below is a reflection of that which is above, then the hosts of Israel on earth must correspond to the hosts in heaven. This Torah portion offers a close look at the hosts of Israel. We see them numbered and counted. We see them divided into tribal identities. We see them encamped around the Tabernacle.