Kindness to Animals and People

The Talmud explains that showing kindness to animals “is a biblical law” and therefore weightier than legal stringencies. For that reason, the sages deemed it permissible to carry provisions to an animal to feed it or to enable it to climb out of a pit on the Sabbath day.

The Second Temptation

Why did Satan tempt Yeshua to jump off a tall building? What's so "tempting" about that? The second temptation in the wilderness must be understood as a unique challenge to Yeshua’s messianic identity. Leaping from the Temple height unharmed would have brought Yeshua a shortcut to messianic fame.

Why John Immersed Yeshua

Why was Yeshua seeking immersion from John? John’s baptism in water symbolized repentance from sin. If our Master was sinless, why did He seek baptism from John? He had no sins to confess or penitence to accomplish. Clearly this was not just some swim in the Jordan River.

Jesus the Nazarene

Where in the Prophets does it say that the Messiah will be called a Nazarene? Critics and anti-missionaries object that no such prophecy exists in the Hebrew Scriptures. Neither is such a prophecy found in apocryphal literature. Some have accused Matthew of fabricating proof texts.

Who Were the Magi from the East?

Matthew doesn’t provide any background to the mysterious magi that visit Jesus, but a historical look at the Gospels will help us unlock their identities. Learn more about the Magi and their importance within the Gospels.

Jesus, Jeshua, Joshua, Yeshua, Yehoshua

It’s properly pronounced Y’shua, not YAH-shuah. Some suppose the Master’s name should properly be pronounced “YAH-shua,” thereby emphasizing the theistic element of His name. That’s not how Hebrew or Aramaic work. When people pronounce our Master’s name as YAH-shua, they demonstrate ignorance of biblical languages and Jewish nomenclature.

Christ is Not a Name

The prophets anointed the kings of Israel with oil to symbolize the LORD’s Spirit resting upon them to rule. The word Mashiach has the same meaning as our English words Messiah and Christ: “anointed one.” More to the point, the title referred to the king of Israel. The name “Christ Jesus” means “King Jesus.”

The Secret Messiah

When Yeshua asked His disciples, “Who do you say that I am?”, Simon Peter answered, “You are the Messiah.” It was the correct answer, but Yeshua warned the disciples not to tell anyone that He was the Messiah. Why?

Yeshua and Non-Violence

He directed them to refrain from personal revenge and acts of retaliation; He did not prohibit them from acting in self-defense or the defense of others. He called His disciples to be merciful, forgiving, and long-suffering, but He did not call them to abandon protecting others or to submit willingly to brutality.

Pacifism and Retaliation

Forgiveness is the prerogative and privilege of the injured. No one else can forgive on his or her behalf. Yeshua’s teachings against retaliation, personal vengeance, and demanding one’s “pound of flesh” apply to the individual, not to a court of law, not to a community, and not to a government.