Blood of the Covenant

Yeshua's last meal with His disciples took the form of a Passover seder. When it came time for the third cup, Yeshua told His disciples that the wine represented His "blood of the covenant," meaning that He was going to be the one to bring about the final redemption.

You're Going to Have a Baby!

In the Bible, the story of a miraculous conception signals the divine destiny of the child. Take a look at the story. Gabriel compares the miracle of the virgin conception with the miracle of Elizabeth conceiving a son. The two miraculous conceptions balance one another.

The Master Incognito

It would be one thing for Yeshua to appear among us incognito today. None of us walked the Galilee with Him or sat at His Passover table in Jerusalem. However, his closes associates tended not to recognize Him after His resurrection until their eyes were miraculously opened.

Behold, Your Mother

While Yeshua was teaching and healing in the towns of Galilee, His mother and brothers did not follow Him. To unite His followers and His family, He charged one of His disciples to care for His mother; later, He placed His brother James over the assembly of His followers.


The Roman Empire ruled its vast territories through force and fear. Public executions kept the masses terrified. Those who were sentenced to be crucified faced prolonged torture—hours or even days of suffering, fever, thirst, and excruciating pain. Such was the fate of the promised Messiah, Yeshua of Nazareth.

His Blood Shall Be on Us and Our Children

The Zealots and Sadducees who pressured Pilate to crucify Yeshua took responsibility for the death of the Master. The outcome of the Jewish Revolt forty years later saw both groups virtually erased, fulfilling Yeshua’s words: “All these things will come upon this generation” (Matthew 23:36).

Passover Fulfilled

The exodus from Egypt is memorialized in nearly every one of Judaism’s holidays and celebrations. Yet a still greater redemption is coming: the final redemption. Yeshua described this future redemption as the ultimate “fulfillment” of Passover and promised not to partake of wine until that day.

Downfall of the Sadducees

The Sadducees were Yeshua’s archenemies. Through a parable about a vineyard, Yeshua prophesied that the Sadducees were soon to be deposed. After the destruction of the Temple, the Sadducees lost the reins of power; the rabbis at Yavneh took up the mantle of leadership and laid the foundation of traditional Judaism.

Zaccheus Versus the Rich Young Nobleman

When Yeshua told the rich young nobleman to give away his wealth, he went away sad. However, merely entering the house of the notorious tax collector Zaccheus was enough to inspire him to repent, make restitution to those he had wronged, and give away his vast wealth to the poor.

Remember Lot's Wife!

Yeshua tells His disciples to “remember Lot’s wife.” What did He want us to derive from the story about the woman who turned to a pillar of salt? Lot and his family nearly perished, not because they were wicked but because they had become attached to their life in Sodom.