The Adulteress Goes Free

The Torah is clear on the penalty for adultery: Both participants are to be put to death. However, given the opportunity to carry out such a sentence, Yeshua refuses. Does this mean that Yeshua abrogated the law against adultery? Actually, no—His response is entirely consistent with Jewish law.

Living Water

When Yeshua promised living water to His disciples, He was talking about the Holy Spirit. The Gospel of John goes on to comment that the Holy Spirit hadn’t been given yet. But doesn’t the Holy Spirit show up in the Old Testament, too?

Healing on the Sabbath

The Pharisees thought that Yeshua broke Jewish law every time He healed on the Sabbath. Yeshua disagreed, but in a surprising way: He didn’t argue that the Sabbath laws didn’t apply anymore; instead, He argued within the framework of Jewish law that sometimes the Sabbath needed to be broken.

Bread from Heaven

After Yeshua fed the five thousand with a miraculous multiplication of loaves and fishes, He escaped the crowds and went to Capernaum. The people there asked Him to repeat the miracle, but He told them that He had come to give them a different kind of bread.

A Lost Parable of Yeshua

Why doesn’t Yeshua use parables in the Gospel of John like He does in the other Gospels? Actually, He does. For example, the text in John 5:19-20 seems to be the summary of a parable that Yeshua told to explain His own relationship to God in terms of a son’s apprenticeship under his father.

The Pool of Bethesda

An angel used to stir the waters of the Pool of Bethesda. What else do we know about this mysterious pool? An archaeological dig in 1956 revealed the remains of a rectangular pool surrounded by four colonnaded porticoes with a fifth portico dividing the pool into two separate pools, verifying John’s description of the location.

In Spirit and Truth

The question is not one of being Jewish or Samaritan, nor is it one of worshiping in Jerusalem or on Gerizim. The important matter concerns the heart attitude of the individual worshiper and the revelation of God. To worship God in spirit is to worship Him as one spiritually reborn from above, born again.

How can a Person be Born Again?

According to the traditional understanding of the passage, Nicodemus was baffled because Yeshua used figurative language. On the contrary, modern readers are the ones who misunderstand the teaching. The rabbis use almost identical language to describe the legal transformation a Gentile must undergo in order to complete a conversion to become Jewish.

The Miracles of the Master

Yeshua refused to provide signs and wonders on demand, but then goes and turns water to wine or heals a sick person. The key to understanding Yeshua’s miracles requires a look into the promises of the Messianic Era.

Is the Gospel of John Anti-Semitic?

How does one explain the “us-versus-them” tone in the Gospel of John, which seems to depict “the Jews” in antithesis to Yeshua? The Johannine community of the late-first century and early-second century consisted primarily of Gentiles, perhaps still bitter over their recent expulsion from the synagogue.