• Weekly Torah Portion

    Leprosy in the Gospels

    God’s Sanctuary represents immortality and incorruptibility. In His presence, there is no death, no decay, and no decomposition. Therefore, He bans from His Sanctuary the disease that represents a living decomposition. Leprosy involves an ongoing, visible progression toward physical corruption. It is the antithesis of the immortal and incorruptible world represented in God’s Sanctuary.

  • Gospel Insights

    Nine Ungrateful Lepers

    In the story of the ten lepers, the gratitude of the Samaritan is supposed to deliver a shock and illustrate just how inappropriate ingratitude is for Jewish people. If a Samaritan knows enough to express appropriate gratitude to God for a miraculous healing, how much more so should the Jewish people do the same?

  • Torah Club
    Where Disciples Learn

    A New Beginning

    Starting September 2018. Get past shallow teaching, understand your Bible, and know Jesus better. Torah Club is where disciples gather together and learn to master the Bible from a historical Jewish perspective and apply its timeless truths to their lives.

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